Saturday, January 16, 2016

Len Levinson Back In Print

I meant to post this back in September, but better late than never, I guess. Thanks to Devin Murphy of Destroyer Books, six novels by Len Levinson are back in print, in both paperback and eBook editions. 

The six books are:

The Bar Studs 
Doom Platoon
Inside Job
The Goering Treasure 
Without Mercy 
Operation: Perfidia (with a new, never-before-published ending)

The print editions all look great and are trade paperback size. These six are the first in “The Len Levinson Collection,” but to quote those ads in the back of old Pinnacle paperbacks, there will hopefully be “more to come…”

Here’s a direct link to the Len Levinson Collection on Amazon.

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Brian Drake said...

I hope they do the Butler books! Piccadilly made ebooks of the first two, which I enjoyed, but sadly cancelled the series.