Saturday, October 29, 2016

Soundtrack for Halloween 2016

Just in time for Halloween, Real Gone Music has released the soundtrack to the 1985 movie The Return Of The Living Dead on glow in the dark vinyl!

Limited to 500 copies, the LP is still available at the time of this post, and I highly recommend it. The vinyl is super thick and radioactive green, even in the daylight. Sound quality seems good to me, and the packaging replicates the original release, only with the Real Gone Music label on the back cover.

As you can see, the glow fades quickly. I had to switch on a light midway through to recharge it. Next time I’ll try to charge it up a bit more with some direct light on it for an hour or so.  (“I can see the electric company rubbin’ their mitts together right now!” – Frank Barone)

The track is “Party Time (Zombie Version)” by .45 Grave. The album features punk and “death rock” by the likes of The Cramps, Roky Erickson, and The Damned. About the only thing that could’ve made it better was if Samhain was on it – or better yet The Misfits, but they’d broken up two years before.

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