Monday, April 4, 2011

Burt Hirschfeld: A Face For The Name

I've wondered for years what Burt Hirschfeld looked like. Thanks to the hardcover editions of his 1978 novel Key West and his 1984 novel Flawless, I finally know. Each book features a photo of the man himself, and he looks nothing like I thought he would.

Here's Hirschfeld on the back cover of Key West:

And here he is from Flawless:

I have to guess that Hirschfeld probably shrugged off those mortal coils a long time ago. As I theorized in an earlier post, it was probably sometime in the early 1990s, as that's when his steady stream of novels came to an abrupt stop.

But as I also stated earlier -- he left behind a huge body of work, one that's ripe for rediscovery.


Authorfan said...

Thanks for the uploads, Joe. He sort of looks like Harold Robbins.


Unknown said...

Burt Hirschfeld
born New York: 22 May 1923
died New Haven, Connecticut: 3 December 2004

Joe Kenney said...

Thanks for the info! Looks like Hirschfeld lived a little longer than I suspected, but still, sorry to hear that he's passed away.

Felicity Walker said...

In the younger photo, he looks a lot like Canadian actor Don Davis (Major Garland Briggs in “Twin Peaks”).