Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Crystal Pharoah's Band of the Lost Mix

From the gentleman who brought you the awesome Blaxploration, here's another super-cool mix, this time for the 1970s kid's show Land of the Lost. I never actually watched this show as a kid, though I recall it played every day in syndication; I was too busy watching Challenge of the SuperFriends.

I actually prefer this mix to Blaxploration, especially the way Crystal Pharoah brings out the show's latent psychedelic aspects. Cool stuff, and again I wish he'd do an entire DVD of these video mixes!


horrox said...

Pretty cool. Makes me want to watch some Land Of The Lost, which I quasi-remember from being a kid.
By the way, I don't comment on your blog that often (have I ever?), but do read it regularly and really enjoy all your posts!

Joe Kenney said...

Thanks for the comment, glad you enjoy the blog! I think this video mix is pretty much all you need as far as Land of the Lost goes. I remember thinking it was goofy even as a kid.